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Elevating small businesses in North Jersey with custom branding, professional logo design, and Wix website design since 2014.

Lafayette, NJ 07848



Based in North Jersey, Brian J. Quinn is your partner in custom-tailored logo design and Wix website creation, serving entrepreneurs locally and throughout North America since 2014. With a no-nonsense approach and a dedication to crafting distinctive online identities, I help turn your vision into a digital reality that stands out in today's crowded marketplace.

Hilton Head Audioworks window sign
Silk City Grooves website
New York Coffee Roasters mockup

Logo Design

Are you looking for a logo and brand identity to represent your business? I specialize in creating custom designs that reflect your unique vision and values. Working closely with you, I ensure we tailor every aspect of your brand's visual identity to your needs.

Wix Website Design

In today's digital age, having a powerful website is crucial to success. My Wix designs are visually striking, mobile-friendly, and securely encrypted. Additionally, your website can seamlessly connect to your social media accounts, enhancing your online presence.

Unified Brand Identity

Are you launching a new venture or revamping an existing one? A Unified Brand Design will help you establish a cohesive brand identity. We'll collaborate to craft an attractive logo and Wix website that are visually appealing and strategically aligned with your business goals.

Select Projects

Past and Present Clients Include:

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Logo Refresh

This service brings a contemporary touch to your brand's logo, typography, and color schemes while maintaining its essential identity. The aim is to make your brand more appealing to your current audience without compromising its established roots.

Fix My Wix

Wix offers a wide range of tools that can be confusing to navigate. If you're struggling with design issues such as misaligned elements or unexpected quirks, my Fix Your Wix service can help. We'll work together to fine-tune your site and achieve the vision you had in mind.

Digital Logo Conversion

Is your logo only available on paper or rendered in a low-resolution format? My Digital Logo Conversion service can help! I can convert your existing logo into a crisp, scalable digital format that you can use across various platforms.

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