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Daygig Painting signage

Daygig Painting

Daygig Painting has been Hilton Head Island's premier source for quality painting and home improvement projects since 2002.

They initially hired me to vectorize their logo but soon realized it lacked the modern appeal and clarity required for today's digital platforms. Consequently, they commissioned me to refresh it entirely. This update improved the logo's versatility and enhanced its visibility with brighter colors and bolder type.

After revamping the logo, I designed a robust, user-friendly Wix website to replace their previous Squarespace platform, resulting in a superior online user experience. This updated online presence expands Daygig Painting's reach throughout the Carolina Lowcountry.

Logo Remix:

A Makeover That Rocks!

Modernize and refresh your brand's logo without undergoing a complete overhaul! This approach can help your brand stay stylish and relevant while maintaining its original identity and values.

From Fizzle to Sizzle:

Daygig Painting's Story

In the case of Daygig Painting, the old logo's configuration was challenging to read at small sizes.
However, by making strategic adjustments, such as repositioning elements for better spatial dynamics, highlighting the word "PAINTING" to emphasize their specialty, and changing the color from Dark Tangerine to Cyber Yellow, the logo's impact and versatility were greatly amplified.
These minor alterations transformed the logo, resulting in a more effective and dynamic representation of the company's brand.

Website Wizardry:

A Digital Transformation

Many business owners need help with self-maintained websites, often lacking the time and technical knowledge to properly manage their online presence. Daygig Painting faced similar challenges with their Squarespace site, which lacked essential features and had a cumbersome site editor. Seeking a better solution, they enlisted my services.

The result is a more robust Wix website for Daygig Painting, boasting an organized structure, intuitive navigation, mobile-friendly design, refreshed images, and enhanced SEO capabilities.

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