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Blue jay

Jen McIntyre Editorial

Jen McIntyre is a Toronto-based editor and proofreader who collaborates with authors worldwide on fiction and non-fiction works.

Jen's old WordPress website would crash every time she tried to make a simple update – which necessitated a change. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a brand-new, organized Wix website that not only made her content easily accessible but also reflected her interests.

The site's serene color palette and images of birds vividly showcase Jen's deep passion for birdwatching. The result is a website that functions smoothly and serves as a virtual haven for fellow bird enthusiasts, with seamless mobile responsiveness ensuring a great user experience across all devices.

Collaborative Crafting:

Tailoring the Vision

My journey with Jen began with in-depth discussions about her goals and vision. This approach ensured that the website was customized to her needs. Working together, I created a website reflecting Jen's personality and professional expertise.

Spotlight on Success:

Showcasing Achievements

Despite her humility, I convinced Jen to highlight her accomplishments and passions more strongly. Together, we showcased her co-authored book prominently, providing it with its dedicated page and featuring it on the homepage for maximum visibility.

Informative Insights:

Enriching the Experience

We enriched the website with a comprehensive FAQ section about working with editors and addressing common questions and concerns. This inclusion added value for visitors by providing helpful information and insights.

Feathered Favorites:

A Birdwatcher's Gallery

I included a gallery of Jen's birdwatching photos, adding a personal touch that makes the site more engaging and relatable. This feature contributes to a well-rounded and informative experience for visitors.

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