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NYCR taxi

New York Coffee Roasters

New York Coffee Roasters was a specialty online retailer offering branded Nespresso capsules and Keurig K-cups.

Although they are no longer in operation, their unique brand identity remains a point of pride in my portfolio. Tasked with the entire visual identity, I created not just their standout logo but also packaging, Wix website design, promotional materials, and other key branding elements.

NYCR faced challenges in distribution and retail acceptance. The global pandemic added to these hurdles, ultimately closing the business. While the company is no longer operating, the visual identity I created for them is a testament to their innovative approach and passion.

Iconic Innovation:

Beyond the Skyline

Tasked with bypassing the overdone motifs of New York—taxis, towering buildings, the famed fruit—the NYCR logo drew its muse from the modern contours of the Guggenheim Museum. It was a bold sidestep from the cliché, capturing the city's innovative spirit without a single skyline.

This logo wasn't a mere mark; it distilled the city's character into a single cup of coffee, embodying a sophistication that matched the architectural marvel that inspired it. It promised a coffee experience as refined and discerning as the art within the museum's walls, inviting connoisseurs and casual sippers alike into a space where quality and culture converged.

Sophistication & Spirit:

The Duality of Design

NYCR's packaging design truly embodied the multifaceted soul of New York. The Nespresso-compatible capsules boasted sleek, black boxes that reflected the timeless elegance of Italian espresso. In contrast, the K-Cup boxes burst with vivid city scenes that mirrored the relentless vibrancy of New York's streets.

The deliberate design choices showcased the brand's dynamic range: classic sophistication was captured in the understated elegance of the black boxes, perfect for serene coffee moments, whereas the K-Cups vividly celebrated the city's lively rhythm. More than just containers, these packages wove New York's narrative, inviting each individual to savor the connection to the city with every brew.

City Canvas:

Crafting the Digital Gateway

The website provided a refined and straightforward experience, serving primarily as a landing page to direct customers to their Amazon store and handle wholesale inquiries. It embraced classic New York City motifs like skyscrapers, city traffic, and subway steps, presenting them with polished elegance. This design approach offered a glimpse into the brand's sophisticated aesthetic, setting the stage for the unique coffee experience that NYCR promised.

Visual Vignettes:

Weaving the City's Tale

Alongside the core branding efforts, NYCR's presence was amplified through a series of social media and promotional mockups, placing the brand within the vibrant life of New York City. From subway signs to taxi top ads, each image was crafted to weave the brand into the city's narrative.


Professional photography captured the essence of the coffee experience, adding authenticity and inviting customers to savor a piece of New York with every cup. This visual storytelling didn't just showcase a product; it offered an experience synonymous with the city's spirit.

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