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Strauss Consulting Group

Strauss Consulting Group offers supply chain and logistics solutions that boost profitability and streamline operations for global businesses.

Strauss Consulting Group's logo represents a bold step into the future. Shifting from a self-made design to a refined, scalable vector format exemplifies their growth and forward-thinking approach. This modern emblem is versatile and displays impactfully across all mediums.

Their web presence now provides a user experience that is both informative and seamless. The enriched text content articulates the depth of their industry expertise while enhancing the site's SEO, ensuring their insights and services gain optimal online visibility. 

Linking Excellence:

Crafting Connectivity

The original logo for Strauss Consulting Group was functional but needed a more modern, professional look today. It was self-designed, which limited its adaptability and scalability.

The updated logo captures their supply chain consulting expertise with a stylized "S" representing interconnected links, reflecting their ability to enhance clients' operational connections. This design transforms the logo into a visual narrative of their strategic solutions.

Web Revamp:

Elevating Your Presence

Strauss Consulting Group's old website needed to be updated, as it struggled on mobile devices and fell short of modern user expectations.

The move to a new Wix website is a significant improvement. It offers a user-friendly experience with enhanced content highlighting SCG's expertise and improving search engine optimization, making SCG's insights and services more visible online.

This website revamp aligns with SCG's updated brand identity, turning the site into an effective platform for showcasing their expertise and enabling more engaging client interactions.

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