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Yankee Stadium

Yaro's Paint + Remodeling

Billy Howe from Daygig Painting threw me a curveball – he asked me to design a new logo for Yaro's Paint & Remodeling, a fellow contractor on Hilton Head Island.

Yaro, a huge Yankees fan, wanted his passion for the team to shine through in his brand. The challenge was nodding to the Yankees' style without stepping on legal toes. 

The result? A logo that hints at their famous baseball script and captures Yaro's professional touch. Best of all, Yaro wasted no time branding his gear with the new design, a home run in my book.

Legacy Lines:

Echoing the Essence

The circular emblem of Yaro's logo reflects a commitment to tradition and quality. Drawing from the iconic Yankees symbol, it suggests excellence without directly replicating any elements.

Tools of the Trade:

Customizing the Classics

A hammer and paint roller cross beneath a stylized hat, central to the logo, signifying Yaro's expertise. The paintbrush apostrophe adds a clever, personalized touch, while the saw blade border pays homage to precision and skill.

Signature Swing:

Mirroring the Iconic

The typeface, reminiscent of the Yankees' script, is tailored to maintain distinctiveness and respect copyright boundaries. It evokes a sense of familiarity while solidifying Yaro's identity in home improvement.

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