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Obelisk sunset

Apollo Financial Advisors

With over 30 years of industry-leading experience, Apollo Financial Advisors caters to high-net-worth individuals and businesses.

Apollo Financial Advisors represents the convergence of traditional financial expertise and modern strategies. The task was to create a brand identity that reflects the combination of timeless principles and cutting-edge methodologies that Apollo embraces.

My commitment was to create not just a logo but a comprehensive visual narrative that resonates with the depth of trust, the strength of solidity, and the sharpness of expertise that Apollo Financial Advisors provides to each client.

Sunlit Wisdom:

The Apollo Emblem

The logo's design pays tribute to Apollo, the Greek/Roman deity of the sun, embodying the qualities of light, clarity, and guidance—principles that are central to the ethos of Apollo Financial Advisors.

A Pillar of Success:

The Stylized "A"

The logo is anchored by a stylized letter "A," crafted to resemble an obelisk's capstone, encircled by a rising sun, emblematic of victory, success, and enlightenment.


This design choice symbolizes stability and growth, incorporating a union of the Greek "Alpha" and "Omega" symbols. This symbolism of completeness mirrors Apollo's all-encompassing financial services.

Cosmic Ambition:

The 11 Sunrays

The presence of 11 sunrays subtly references the Apollo 11 mission, reflecting the company's values of innovation and achievement, and highlighting its namesake connection to the Apollo space program.

Elegance and Clarity:

The Typography

Under the emblem, the company name "APOLLO" is presented in a capitalized, serif font, exuding classical elegance and strength. The words "FINANCIAL ADVISORS" are written below in a smaller, sans-serif font, creating a modern contrast to the primary wordmark.

Regal Palette:

The Color Scheme

The color scheme of Imperial blue and Olympian gold represents professionalism, wealth, and high quality. This luxurious contrast ensures that the logo stands out and commands attention.

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